Tuesday, November 02, 2004


If you haven't voted yet, turn off your computer and go do it! My wife and are are both absentee voters (I have been for years, but she just signed up this year). It was so cool to put on some music and sit on the couch with her, with our ballots, voters information booklet and paperclips modified to be used as chad punching instruments. We were able to talk about candidates for the various positions and the hard-to-understand initiatives up for vote. There were some positions where we were supposed to choose 5 people out of a list of 15, with no information whatsoever in the voters booklet, so we just picked the people with the goofiest names. Abesntee voting is the way to go - vote in the comfort of your home, look on the internet to get information on what you're voting for, and heck, do it with your wife, girlfriend/boyfriend or friends, and open a bottle of wine or work on downing a six-pack. Heck, have a voting party! Maybe I'll do that next election!

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