Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Top Ten New Releases - Tuesday, November 23rd 2004

1. U2 - How To Dismantle An Atomic Bomb (Deluxe) CD + DVD)
I am a pretty big U2 fan and have been since they played Live Aid back in 1985. I have to say, of all of their releases this is probably the one I've least looked forward to, but I'm still gonna buy it. I think "Vertigo" is pretty weak - it's like they're trying to write something for Achtung Baby, Volume 2. U2 are at their best when they're moving forward - this and the other song they played on Saturday Night Live this weekend sound like re-writes of their old songs. Still, I'm sure some of the other tracks are gonna be classics - they have never delivered an album that was 100% crap, even Pop.

2. Kevin Spacey - Beyond the Sea OST CD
This is a weird one, but I have high hopes for it. It's seventeen songs for the upcoming Bobby Darin biopic, Beyond The Sea, sung by Kevin Spacey with an orchestra. I've heard him sing and he really isn't bad, but I wonder if he can pull it off for an hour-long CD.

3. Seinfeld Gift Set (Seasons 1-3 with Original Script, Salt & Pepper Shakers, and Playing Cards) DVD Box
I, like many people, was a big fan of Seinfeld during it's run on TV, but once the series ended and I watched a year's worth of reruns I just couldn't watch it anymore. Having said that, I think seeing it on DVD will be pretty cool, especially with all of the bonus feature packed into this set.

4. Franz Ferdinand - This Fire CD
This isn't my favorite song from their S/T album, but I will probably pick it up since they have rerecorded it with new vocals and guitars. The B-sides aren't on the album, but I have them on their earlier singles so, unfortunately, I'm really buying this for just one song.

5. Ann Margret - Ann-Margret Xmas Carol Collection CD
I'm a little leery of this one. If it was a vintage 60's album being reissued I'd be all over it, but it's a new set of recordings, so it probably won't be quite as cool. Still, I'm always looking to add holiday music to my collection, so this might be a worthwhile purchase.

6. Nirvana - With The Lights Out CD/DVD Box Set
I really burned out on Nirvana in the mid-90's, but I am kinda curious about this set - it might just rekindle my interest in them. The DVD should be pretty cool too. Don't know if I'm willing to pay full price for this though.

7. V/A - Christmas with the Kranks OST CD
I have absolutely no desire to see this movie, but I may end up buying the soundtrack, which includes holiday tunes from The Ramones, The Ravonettes, Davie Allan and the Chesterfield Kings.

8. Scissor Sisters - Remixed CD
Scissor Sisters have been one of my favorite bands this year - great, catchy songs that just don't leave your head. Kinda like an Abba for the new millenium. I hope this remix CD is just extended versions of their songs, and not radical techno remixes.

9. The Woggles - Soul Sizzling 7" Meltdown CD
Forget the Strokes, Hives and all of the other garage rock wannabees - The Woggles are the real deal. Their CD and 7" releases are all excellent, but to truly experience this band you have to go to one of their shows. Still, this CD, which includes many of their early classics, is a must have release.

10. The Makers - Stripped CD
Continuing with more garage rock, The Makers were one of my favorite bands when they recorded for Estrus Records in the mid-90's. Then they jumped ship to Sub Pop and they kinda lost the plot. Now they're on Kill Rock Stars - hopefully they've gone back to doing what they do best, but I think I'll wait to read a few reviews before considering this purchase.

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