Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Top Ten New Releases - Tuesday, November 16th 2004

1. Gary Numan - Anthology CD (Dualdisc)
I already have a Gary Numan greatest hits CD in my collection, but this looks interesting because, apparently, it's a two-sided disc, with CD audio on one side and DVD video on the other side. It would be cool if this technology catches on.

2. Bowie at Beeb: Best of BBC Radio 68-72 2-CD Set
I'm not a huge Bowie fan; I like about 20 of his songs, but a lot of the good ones have been played to death over the years on the radio. I would definitely be interested in hearing this though - hopefully the session recordings are different than the studio recordings.

3. Dead & Dreaming: Tribute to Counting Crows CD
You've got to be kidding!

4. The Hentchmen - Form Follows Function CD
Forget the Strokes and all of the other modern garage rock wannabee's - Detroit's Hentchmen are the real deal. I have a bunch of their Norton Records recordings, all of 'em excellent. Looks like they're on a new label now - hopefully with this release they're still doing what they've done so well in the past.

5. Puffy Amiyumi - Hi Hi Puffy Amiyumi CD
This Japanese female twosome might have an odd name (in Japan they go by Puffy, but had to add their names to the band title to avoid legal problems with Puff Daddy). They have an eclectic sound that blends 60's bubblegum pop, garage and modern dance music. I haven't hear this one yet, but a good place to start with their music is their early "best of" CD Illustrated History.

6. V/A - Pickin on Modest Mouse: Bluegrass Tribute CD
Is there a market for this?

7. V/A - Rock-A-Billy Tribute to AC/DC CD
You shook-a me bay-be, You shook-a me sweet little kitten, All-a da night long-a. Amazing!

8. Smooth Sax Tribute to Jennifer Lopez CD
Somebody kill me now!

9. Live Aid 4-DVD Box Set
I watched this live on TV (showing my age, I guess!) and taped it. Over the years the tapes have deteriorated to the point where they're unwatchable. I have a copy on order and it's gonna be so cool to watch this just like I did the day it happened. I wish it was complete - for a variety of reasons some of the acts aren't included. However, it will be cool to skip around easily and to view it without commercials.

10. Elf (Infinifilm Edition) DVD
I saw about 3/4 of this last year when it was in movie theaters, but the film broke and we were given vouchers to see it later. It was near the end of the theatrical run and we didn't want to see the first hour or so again so soon after seeing it the first time, so we used the vouchers for another film. Now we can finally see how it ends!


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