Friday, November 12, 2004

KEXP Radio Sessions Online

KEXP Radio Sessions Online


I've spent all day listening to different recordings on KEXP Online, an awesome radio station/website based in Seattle, WA. There are loads of great on-air recordings that you can listen to at: . Here's a list of what I've listened to today:

Trash Can Sinatras 10/1/04
The Chameleons 10/15/02
Air 4/29/04
The Delays 7/24/04
The Delgados 4/21/03
The Flaming Lips 12/6/03
Interpol 9/13/02

Netflix This Week:

We have 3 movies sitting on the counter at home, but I've been so busy doing the layout for The Continental Magazine I haven't had a chance to watch any of them. The only TV I've watched this week was Survivor, Newcastle vs. Fulham, and the Real World.

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