Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Kraftwerk's Original Vocoder Used On Autobahn On Ebay!!

It's going for $5000 at the moment, but you can own a piece of music history. The original vocoder used by Kraftwerk for their first hit, "Autobahn", is up on Ebay. Check out the listing for more photos (and to bid!) by clicking here.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Continental Magazine #13 w/CD Available Now (Southern Culture On The Skids Cover)

The Continental Magazine - Issue #13 w/23 song CD - #CT013 - $5.95 (OUT NOW!!!)

The latest issue of The Continental Magazine, featuring interviews with Southern Culture On The Skids and The Barbary Coasters (featuring Johnny Bartlett of The Phantom Surfers/Saturn V Featuring Orbit/Hillsdale Records).

It includes a 23 track CD packed with great surf/instro/twist/garage rock tunes and is now available for only $5.95. Also included in this issue are The Nebulas, The Kilaueas and much, much more. 36 pages in all, with a 2 color glossy cover.

To order send $5.95 US + shipping ($1.05 to any US/Canadian address, or just $2.05 to any other address) to Double Crown Records - P.O. Box 4336 - Bellingham, WA 98227-4336 - USA. You can also send a Paypal payment to or cash/check/money order, or order online at

Track List For Continental #13 CD:

1. The Breeze & I - The Bitch Boys (Golly Gee Records)
(from Ride The First Wave -

2. Cobra’s Fang - Phantom Frank (MuSick Records)
(from Phantom Frank -

3. Honey For Sale - The Barbary Coasters (Hillsdale Records)
(from Honey For Sale -

4. Burning Mirage - The Madeira (Double Crown Records)
(from Sandstorm -

5. I’d Rather Be With You - Kaiser George & The Hi-Risers (Spinout Records)
(from Transatlantic Dynamite! -

6. Slingshot To Durango - The Cocktail Preachers (Self-Released)
(from Stealing From The Collection -

7. Logan’s Run - The Nebulas (Double Crown Records)
(from The Nebulas -

8. Rippin’ - The Surge (Self-Released)
(Unissued track -

9. Fuzzy Slippers - The Goats (Vagrant Records)
(from The Goats -

10. Playa Del Sol - The Nova Rays (Self-Released)
(from their upcoming CD -

11. Tsunami Struck - Pollo Del Mar (POP Records)
(from Year of the Rooster -

12. Buried Alive - The Hexxers (Golly Gee Records)
(from Buried Alive -

13. Hellfire Wheeps - The Invisible Surfers (No Fun Records)
(from Waves Of Reverb, Sea Of Fuzz Volume 1 -

14. Another Summer Song - Los Kahunas (Oleoducto Records)
(from El Fantastico Sonido Surf & Hot Rod De... -

15. Winds Of Barcelona - The Lost Boys Of Penzance (LBOP Music)
(from All Over The Map -

16. The Dare (Alternate Mix) - The Nova Rays (Self-Released)
(Unissued track -

17. Gypsy Cove - Big Surf (Self-Released)
(from Hang Eleven! -

18. Bali-lita - Pontius Sky Pilot (Vagrant Records)
(Unissued track -

19. The Wake Up Call - The Razorblades (General Schallplatten)
(from The Dark Side Of The Beach -

20. Shadow Of Pele - The Defiant Ones (Burn & Surf Records)
(from Super Secret Disaster -

21. Play That Game - The Fleagles (Garage & Beat Records)
(from Goodbye To Mars -

22. Paddle Or Die! - The Surge (Self-Released)
(Unissued track -

23. Big Black Shadow - The Vincent Razorbacks (Raucous Records)
(from Volume 13 -

Saturday, June 17, 2006

Double Crown On The Rocks - Podcast #13

Double Crown On The Rocks - Podcast #13

This show is a little later that usual, but there's been a lot going on here at Double Crown HQ. The most recent distraction has been the World Cup tournament. I am a huge soccer fan, and even play 3 times/week. I am trying to follow several teams through the tournament - the US, England, Brazil and Germany, and it's turning out to be nearly a game every night. Once the tournament moves beyond the group phase I won't have quite as many games to watch. I have also FINALLY wrapped up work on Continental Magazine #13 (featuring Southern Culture On The Skids and The Barbary Coasters). It is available for purchase from the Double Crown website at: This week's show is another mix of old and new surf/instro tunes. Like last week, I have also included an instrumental from a non-surf/instro band. This week it's a track from the legendary UK band The Smiths (this tune's perfect for those of you who can't stand Morrissey!). If you have any requests/comments, please send an e-mail to: or use the handy comment form below.

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You can download this week's show here:

Double Crown On The Rocks - Podcast #13 23.6 MB MP3 6/16/06

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