Thursday, October 08, 2009

Spotnicks Theme In Wild World Of Batwoman?!?

"Is this some sort of weird-ass hootenanny?" I never really thought of the "Spotnicks Theme" as fast pickin' country n' western tune, but that's the way it's used in The Wild World Of Batwoman. I was watching the MST3K version of the movie tonight and was surprised to hear one of my favorite Spotnicks tunes used in a goofy chase scene towards the end of the flick. It wasn't the original version, which got me to thinking... How did a bunch of low budget film producers in the late 60's even hear of the Spotnicks? Then, going beyond that, why did they find a band to record a cover version - there are so many other songs they could have used. I can't embed the clip here, but if you follow this link (scroll forward to 2:40) you can see the segment of MST3K that features the song.