Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Like Bacon? Like Whores? Then Have A Whore Come To Your House
And Fry Bacon For You For Only $4/Serving!

I dunno of this is legit or not, but apparently this service allows you to go to their website, choose your favorite kind of bacon, and have someone come to your house and fry it up for you. There are no additional services or options listed on their website. Even celebs like Justin Timberlake, Brad Pitt and Angeline Jolie are sold on the concept. Unfortunately, I'm vegetarian and they don't list any veggie options, otherwise I'd be all over this! (

Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Podcasting - Part 2

Well, I've decided I'm going to give podcasting a try. I am going to try to do at least one half-hour show per week, which will include surf/instro tunes from around the world, plus at least 2-3 unreleased or demo tunes per week. The goal is to make it a cool, rockin' show with a mix of the familiar and unfamiliar. It's gonna be raw, at least at first, because I don't really have a good setup (my office isn't really the same as a radio station DJ booth), but it should sound okay. The quality of the songs will be slightly reduced; since the format will be MP3 I don't want to be giving CD quality songs away. Plus bandwidth will be an issue. Expect FM radio quality (if all works well!). The show at least will have a cool name:

Double Crown On The Rocks!

If you are in a surf/instro rock n' roll band and would like to be played on the show, please send your CD's to:

Double Crown Records
P.O. Box 4336
Bellingham, WA 98227-4336

Regular CD's and CD-R's will work. Please DO NOT e-mail MP3's to me!

Thursday, February 10, 2005

Podcasting - Are Any Surf / Instro Fans Interested?

After more than a year with my Dell-DJ MP3 player, I am switching to an Ipod 40gb. The Dell-DJ has worked great for me and I would highly recommend it for it's relative ease of use, long battery life and reliability. However, after installing Itunes on my computer a month ago I realized that everything is much easier with it - making MP3's, burning CD's and listening to music on the computer. I'm also working on hooking another computer and our home stereo together through a wireless network. Once done I should be able to listen to music on our living room hi-fi coming from our computer in our home office.

It'll take a while to get comfortable with all of this, but once I'm done I want to look into doing a Double Crown podcast, perhaps once a week or so. A podcast is similar to an internet radio program, except listeners either download the show as an MP3 file, or have it sent to their computer automatically through RSS (which is something I'm still learning about). It seems like it'd be easy to do if I decide to make it a music-only podcast, but to do it right I'll probably have to introduce songs and talk a little bit, which means I'll need a microphone for my computer. The idea would be to play stuff from my collection, along with songs from promos/demos that I receive and some unreleased stuff from the Double Crown archives.

What I'd like to know is if anyone is actually interested in hearing something like this - if so, please leave a comment, or send an e-mail to: