Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Penetrators CD / DVD / iTunes Sales Going To Spanky Twanger

From: Trace Luger 017

Just wanted to announce to everyone that The Penetrators are donating all proceeds from the sale of DVD's, CD's and all other merchandise that we have to Spanky and his family. As some of you may know, Spanky is in a battle with cancer and some are asking about ways to help. Sticks and I thought this would be an easy way of helping the Twangler's.

If you are interested, our loot can be purchased here:

Double Crown Records -
The Penetrators Website -

You can get our stuff from countless other ways also. They all buy more copies from us or Sean anyway. Downloads, such as iTunes, are also included in this.

If nothing else, please keep Spanky and his family in your thought and prayers.

When he gets a chance, Spanky updates everyone on this most important mission here:

Many Reverb T(h)anks,

Trace Luger 017

Note: I would personally recommend purchasing Penetrators items directly from the band - they get more money that way, plus they have a wider variety of Penetrators merch than I have available at Double Crown. Please check out the mySpace link above to stay up to date on Spanky's battle against
Esophigal Cancer. Leave a comment, become a mySpace friend, and do whatever you can to support Brian/Spanky in his battle against this terrible disease - we're all pulling for him to lick this and get back on-stage delivering the twang and reverb once again!