Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Dallas Good Of The Sadies Talks About New & Upcoming Releases

The Edmonton Journal has posted an interesting story/interview with Dallas Good of The Sadies. He talks about their 2 new releases as well as their upcoming studio album.

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

The Surfites - Big Pounder Video

The Surfites have put together a video for the title track from their upcoming Double Crown CD, Big Pounder! The CD is set to come out March 2007 - we are just putting the finishing touches on the artwork, then it'll be off to the manufacturer...

The Surfites - Big Pounder

Jim Flora Books

To me album artwork is a very important part of an album (or CD, or 7", or 8-track, or cassette ,etc.). There have been many talented artists over the years, but one of my all-time faves is Jim Flora. He also had did the artwork for some children's books - over the years I've actually had better luck finding his books than his albums! Among his great children's books are The Fabulous Firework Family, and Leopold, the See-Through Crumbpicker I would really like to find a copy of The Day The Cow Sneezed - any leads out there? Thankfully, Irwin Chusid has put together 2 beautiful books featuring Jim Flora's artwork. You can get both of them through

Friday, January 26, 2007

Eklektrik Design - My Wife's New Web Business

My wife has just started an offshoot from Double Crown Records called Eklektrik Design. It's technically part of Double Crown (as far as accounting, taxes and the online shopping cart goes), but the product selection is completely different. She specializes in handmade accessories like cuffs, checkbook covers, wallets, scarves and hand balms. Many of the items are made with retro/hipster themes. Check out the selection at: She will be adding more items over the coming months.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Double Crown Records Free Shipping Offer Ends January 31st

We've got plenty of surf/instro releases (CD's, 7"s and fanzines) available at Double Crown Records. A bunch of new items have been added to the catalog over the last few weeks. Order before January 31st, use coupon code FREESHIP and receive free shipping anywhere in the world (minimum order $20.00). You can order online with credit card/Paypal at: You can also send a Paypal ( payment directly to:


* (NEW!) The All-Nighters - Dance 'Til Dawn CD - AMR01 - $12.75
* (BACK IN STOCK!) The All-Nighters - Drink The Night CD - NRM09 - $12.75
* (NEW!) Eddie Angel - Guitar Party + Bonus Tracks CD - SPCD23 - $14.75
* (NEW!) The Aquasonics - Play Songs For The Surfin' Set CD - WT506 - $14.75
* (BACK IN STOCK!) The Arousers - Princes Of Penetration CD - RAU073 - $12.75 (NS)
* (BACK IN STOCK!) The Astroglides - Selling Out CD - SHR02 - $14.75 (NS)
* (BACK IN STOCK!) The Beat Tornados - Scandinavian Interlude CD - FR009 - $16.75
* (NEW!) Big Boy Pete - London American Boy CD - RAU105 - $12.75 (NS)
* (NEW!) The Fuzz-Busters - Retro-Sonic Music For The Moderns CD - FB751 - $14.75
* (NEW!) The Ghastly Ones - Target: Draculon CD - GPC02 - $14.75
* (BACK IN STOCK!) Goggle-A - Goggle-A In Europe DVD - SZ002 - $16.75
* (BACK IN STOCK!) The Kilaueas - Profesor Volcanova CD - ASM022 - $14.75
* (BACK IN STOCK!) Los Mel-Tones - Surf Sensation CD - LCM46 - $14.75
* (NEW!) The Orangu-Tones - Introducing The Simian Sounds CD - WT503 - $14.75
* (NEW!) The Orangu-Tones - Pledge Kappa Epsilon Gamma CD - WT504 - $14.75
* (NEW!) Planet Creep - Self Service CD - PC001 - $16.75 (NS)
* (NEW!) The Rattlesnakes - Tornado CD - TCY04 - $14.75 (NS)
* (NEW!) The Razorblades - The Dark Side Of The Beach CD - GS001 - $14.75
* (BACK IN STOCK!!) The Sandblasters - Jupiter Beach CD - RAU111 - $12.75 (NS)
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* (NEW!) The Surf Kings - Coming Up For Air CD - IM002 - $13.75
* (BACK IN STOCK!) The Surf Kings - Up From The Depths CD - IM001 - $12.75
* (NEW!) TubeStone - Aligretosurfati CD - TBS01 - $14.75 (NS)
* (BACK IN STOCK!) V/A - Better Than The Average Weekend: Shadowy Men Tribute CD - DE011 - $14.75
* (NEW!) V/A - Big Wave Riders CD - DE020 - $14.75
* (NEW!) V/A - Los Kahunas / The Invisible Surfers - Waves Of Reverb, Sea Of Fuzz #1 CD - NF017 - $14.75 (NS)
* (NEW!) V/A - Reverb Brazil CD - RB001 - $14.75 (NS)
* (BACK IN STOCK!!) V/A - This Is Rockabilly Clash CD - RAU131 - $14.75 (NS)


NEW ITEMS - 7" & 10" VINYL

* (NEW!) El Ray - Holiday On Ice 10" - HTR203 - $11.75
* (NEW!) The Ghastly Ones - Flying Saucers Over Van Nuys 7" (Green
* (BACK IN STOCK!) Los Kogars - Action Packed 7" EP - SFX008- $4.75
* (NEW!) Monsters From Mars - Surfing Through A Creepy Castle 7" EP - TTT01 - $4.75
* (NEW!) The Orangu-Tones - Santa's Comin' / Don't Believe In Christmas 7" - WT709 - $4.75
* (BACK IN STOCK!) The Panasonics - Introducing The Inscrutable Panasonics/Panther 7" - SP008- $4.00
* (NEW!) The Savage Wrong Notes - Rip Tide / Green Room 7" - VR002 - $4.75
* (NEW!) Thundercrack - Here Comes... 7" EP (French Import) - RY709- $4.75


* (NEW!) Barracuda Magazine - Issue #21 - BM021 - $3.50
* (NEW!) Barracuda Magazine - Issue #22 - BM022 - $3.50
* (NEW!) The Hungover Gormet - Issue #8 - HG008 - $2.00
* (NEW!) New Gandy Dancer - #80 - NGD080 - $8.00
* (NEW!) Pipeline Instrumental Review - #72 - PL072 - $6.75
* (NEW!) Tiki Magazine - - TM006 - $4.95

TV In Japan Website

I just stumbled across this crazy/cool website called "TV In Japan". Basically it's just a big collection of YouTube clips from a variety of TV shows. However, the creator/s of this website have done all of the searching for you, funneling down their selection to a group of interesting/funny/disturbing clips. One of my faves was The Tarako Cupie Girls, who feature in a series of adds for a food product made primarily of spaghetti noodles and cod roe. They have become hugely popular in Japan, and who knows, they might even make it big over here someday!

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Free Surf MP3's From Reverb Brasil Website

There's a bunch of free surf tunes available for download from the Reverb Brasil website (Click on the media link once you get to their website). We have the full Reverb Brasil CD available through our mail order catalog.

Friday, January 19, 2007

Man Or Astro-Man? Live At Touch & Go Anniversary Fest

Okay, this may be old news, but most of you probably know that last summer Man Or Astro-Man? got back together, with the original lineup, for the Touch & Go anniversary festival in Chicago (I think they did one other show in Alabama or Georgia too). Anyway, over at you can download their Chicago show - just go here. Understandably, it's a little rough at times, but they've obviously still got it. Too bad they can't find a way to make it more of a permanent thing - I'd love to have some new MOA? material in my collection, or a live show or two in the Northwest!

Krazy Kids Items From The 50's/60's/70's On Flickr

Okay, this whole entry could be about this product alone. I'm sure many of you have had "astronaut ice cream". Well, this cereal has that (or some form of it), mixed in with "nutritious cereal". And look at the happy ice cream man! And the product name - Kellogg's Kream Krunch....I hope there isn't too much to read into the fact that the initials are KKK and the happy ice cream man is made of vanilla ice cream! There are many, many more cool products shown here.

Turntable With Stuffed Bird

This artist in the Netherlands is doing some interesting work. My favorite though is this, a turntable and a taxidermied bird, fitted with a needle in it's beak. You can hear a sample of what the audio sounds like at the artist's website.

Fascinating Look At Recording Of Chipmunks Holiday Song

Fascinating Look At Recording Of Chipmunks Holiday Song

Okay, I'm a little late with this, but it's still pretty cool. This site has the original version and a slowed down version, allowing you to hear how the "Chipmunks" sang their parts. They had to harmonize and enunciate carefully, but really, really slow. Check it out here.