Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Top Ten New Releases - Tuesday, November 2nd 2004

1. Bobby Darin - Big Sur CD
I have always been a big fan of Bobby Darin, primarily his lounge stuff, but his folk songs that he recorded during the last few years of his life were also pretty good. I am looking forward to the upcoming Bobby Darin bio-pic, featuring Kevin Spacey as Bobby Darin. This disc looks interesting - a set of rare and unreleased songs from 1969.

Minus 5 - At The Organ CD

I actually have a copy of this one already, thanks to the folks at YepRoc records, who sent me a review copy for the upcoming issue of Mission In Motion. This is a great disc, combining the talents of Scott McCaughey, Peter Buck and the members of Wilco.

3. Thievery Corporation - Babylon Rewind CD
My wife and I seldom agree on the music we listen to at home or in the car, but whenever I put a Thievery Corporation CD on she seems to get into it. I wish Amazon had audio previews of the tracks, but I'm sure I'll pick this one up at some point.

4. The Residents - Commercial Album: 25th Anniversary Special Edition CD
I tried to get into The Residents in the 80's, when I was going through a phase of buying odd, experimental electronic music. As hard as I tried, I could only listen to half an album or so before going crazy. Someday I'd like to give them another chance; if I do this is probably what I'd start with. Will Sergeant, guitarist of Echo & The Bunnymen, really digs these guys.

5. ABC - Lexicon Of Love 2-CD Deluxe Edition
I have heard rumors of this release for a couple of years, but now it is finally available (for the low import price of $39.99 - ugh!). Lexicon Of Love is definitely on my list of top albums of the 80's and one of the few that still stands up to this day. This release has the original album, remastered of course, along with 10 bonus tracks (remixes, demos and b-sides) and a bonus CD with a concert recorded November, 1982).

6. The Criterion Collection Holiday 2004 Gift Set DVD
Got $5,250 burnin' a hole in your pocket? If so, why not buy this set of 282 DVD's, including personal faves Monty Python's Life Of Brian, Slacker & Knife In The Water. It's pretty highbrow stuff, for the most part, and I can't see them selling many of them - how many people have that much money to blow on DVD's and how many people would actually want all of these DVD's in their collection. Crazy....

7. Fast Times at Ridgemont High (Widescreen Special Edition) DVD
I can't think of anyone that hasn't seen this classic, but if you feel the need to add it to your DVD collection it looks like this is the version to get.

8. Goldfrapp - Wonderful Electric 2-DVD Set
I love both of Goldfrapp's CD's and definitely want to see this DVD at some point. However, I don't know why they'd put out a 2 DVD set with a different concert on each disc with nearly the same setlist. I can't imagine that, as an electronic/trip-hop group, the sets would be too different from each other. I have never seen them live though, so perhaps they are a little more "live" than I am imagining.

9. The Simpsons Christmas 2 DVD
Who doesn't like The Simpsons? This Christmas DVD contains 4 episodes. It's one of the few shows that I like to watch with my kids, but I have to preview them to make sure there's nothing the kids shouldn't be hearing or seeing (they're 5 and 2).

10. Godzilla: Save the Earth - Playstation 2 Video Game
Today, November 2nd, you'll probably see people waiting in long lines for two reasons - to vote in the presidential election and to buy the new Grand Theft Auto video game. However, I would buy this before GTA - as a big fan of Godzilla movies I have always wanted to play a video game version where you could control Godzilla and crush buildings and bridges. It looks like this is a good one (I will buy GTA eventually though!).

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