Thursday, November 04, 2004

Ocean Blue In Seattle Friday, December 3rd

I just heard that one of my favorite bands, The Ocean Blue, will be playing in Seattle next month. It's been about 8 years since I saw them last. I also saw them a few years before that on a big tour they did with the Mighty Lemon Drops and John Wesley Harding. They seem to be in limboland, between doing the band thing full time and quitting the biz altogether. They have a new 6 track CD EP out, called Waterworks, that continues with the sound the band have crafted for over a decade. You can pre-order it through Amazon by clicking on the Waterworks link, or buy it direct from the band now (which is what I did) at The band has gone through several lineup changes, and don't have a sax player (which means they can't really play many of their early hits), but I am really looking forward to their upcoming show.

Which mall will she be at this year?

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