Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Bush Wins - Daily Show Funny For 4 More Years!

It's gonna hurt taking that sticker off!!!

It's all over - Bush has won the election by a not-so-slim margin. For us here in Washington state it might be a double-whammy - our governor might end up being Republican Dino Rossi. After 4 years of gettin' f-ed on national issues we're now gonna get f-ed closer to home. Oh well, at least the Daily Show with Jon Stewart will be funny for four more years!

Overall I think Bush was beatable, but Kerry just wasn't the man to do it. I voted for him, but to me it just didn't seem right to have a candidate saying he was going to fight for the lower/middle class, when he's extremely well-off AND married a woman worth millions (or is that billions?). Hopefully in the next 4 years democrats will come up with somebody strong. I know for sure Hillary ain't the one!

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