Tuesday, January 29, 2008

New Poll To See What Should Be Added To This Blog

I have just added a poll on the right hand side (scroll about half way down) to see what people want to see more of here. Surf music? Pop Culture? Gadgets? This will help me decide the kinds of things I will post in the future (operative word is "help" - I'll still post whatever I want, but the poll results will give me some direction). In the olden days of the internet it was hard to set up a quick and easy poll - I tried and it ended up being a mess. However, I found one online that was quick and easy to use - Easy-Poll (with a name like that you'd hope it'd be easy!). Using it you can set up
myspace surveys, Blogger polls, or use them anywhere that you can include html code. Given the fact that so few people comment here I'm not expecting huge poll numbers, but you never know....

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