Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Increased Number Of Blog Posts / Smorty.Com

I've been working on increasing the frequency of my blog posts - in the past it's been a few each month, but now I'm trying to post about 5-7 times per week. The inspiration behind much of what I'm doing here is Rip Thrillby's Atomoculture mailing list, which dealt with surf rock, 50's/60's stuff and pop culture. I'm really just doing it for fun, but if a little money comes in from it that'll help me out with the label and magazine. There are a bunch of sponsor links on the right-hand side of this page that bring in a little money (if you buy anything from iTunes, Amazon, Netflix or CCMusic it'd be great if you use these links!). However, I'm also looking into the idea of including paid reviews here. One of the simplest, and best sites, I've found so far is - when it comes to blog advertising (as an advertiser and as a blogger), it seems to be the quickest to get started with. Their website is clear and easy to navigate - it really only takes a few minutes to get started. I signed up yesterday and I already have a list of things to review. However, I promise to only review things that make sense within the context of this website. I know the concept of "paid reviews" might have negative connotations, but this particular site allows you to be truthful with your reviews, and everything should be seamless if I pick things to review that truly belong here.

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