Tuesday, January 29, 2008

The 50th Anniversary of Lego

I have to admit, with two boys, we spend a lot of time building things with Lego. Last night we were building garages for Hot Wheels cars. It's the 50 year anniversary of the company and a bunch of websites are doing articles about it. Boing Boing has a video (shown here) that shows one of their editors building the Millennium Falcon, the largest Lego set to date. My kids like Star Wars and have a few of the sets, like the X-wing and the small version of the Star Destroyer, but even they say this set is way too big (it's also $500, more than I want to spend on a Lego set). This set has over 5,000 tiny gray and black pieces and apparently it took this guy a few days to put it together.

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