Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Hallmark Guitars

When the Kilaueas toured the US back in 2006, Ralf played Hallmark guitars exclusively. When the band came to Bellingham they stayed with us and Ralf kept his gold sparkly Hallmark Swept-Wing inside our house. My two kids, who had little-to-no interest in music at that time were fascinated by it - we have a banged up old acoustic that we take turns strumming every once in a while (it's usually out of tune), but man, that gold beauty was a work of art. My kids are a couple of years older now, and I'm itchin' to play electric guitar again (I played a bit in college, although bass and keys were my main instruments), so I've got my eye on one of these. Given the fact that I was never a good 6 string player, maybe I should just go with a Swept-Wing bass.....decisions, decisions.......

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