Thursday, February 07, 2008

Try Netflix Using This Link - Get 25% Off Your Next Double Crown Records Order!

Netflix is a great service - my family has been using it for years and it's much cheaper than cable/satellite TV, and no commercials. We usually go with the 4-out plan, but during the summer when we're busy we usually go down to the 3-out plan. They have a huge selection - there are very few in print movies that they don't have. They currently have a deal going where you can try them out for free. If you click on the ad or the text below and sign up, let me know by sending an e-mail to: with the subject "Netflix / Double Crown Discount Offer". I will then send you a code for 25% off your next Double Crown order!

Netflix, Inc.

Netflix - Only $4.99 a month! No Late Fees. Try it for Free!

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