Friday, February 08, 2008 - Beach Cruisin' Bicycles

I stumbled across a company today that does for bicycles what Easy Rider did for choppers - it's at, which features a variety of mens' beach cruisers (they have ladies and kids beach cruisers too). Many of the bikes have traditional styling, however, the one that really caught my eye was the one in the photo shown here. It's not really my style (although it'd be fun to try it out), but it looks like something my kids would love to have. I can't tell from the website how well these do in the sand, although many of the photos show the bikes in the sand, so maybe they'd work okay. Or perhaps "beach cruisers" are used to get to and from the beach, on sidewalks, trails and roads. I live in Washington, with no nearby beaches, so I'm not really sure what the scene's like in California, Florida, etc. I know that these bikes definitely look cool and are reasonably priced - men's bikes start at $139.00. My wife rides a cruiser, with a basket in front, and it really works well on areas that are relatively flat - she has a blast on it. Her cruiser is in good shape, but if it ever breaks down I'm going to show her this site!

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