Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Cool Mini-Movie Made With Hot Wheels Cars

Check out this amazing movie made with Hot Wheels cars. It's funny, I buy them for my kids all the time when we go grocery shopping. They're only a buck a piece and durable as hell (they have some cars in their box that were mine when I was a kid, like 30 years old!). Well, they were picking out cars the other day and I found a cool one that they didn't want, but I just had to have. When we got it home they changed their mind and agreed, it was pretty cool. It was called Torpedo Jones. We don't really buy any of the plasticey sets - they usually don't work and fall apart within an hour or so. But the cars are very cool - if I had the space I'd have a mini-collection of my own.


Anonymous said...

We have one of those, too!!
Can't see the movie link, though...:-(

Double Crown Records / The Continental Magazine said...

That's strange you can't see the movie link. It's not a YouTube video and it's a little too big for the blogger format, but I've been able to view it okay on a PC and a Mac. You can go directly to the video here:

Anonymous said...

Ah, that's why - it's on mypsace. They block myspace at work so I'll check it out from home. Thanks!!!