Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Fifty Foot Combo - Evil A Go-Go

One of the most requested CD's/LP's over the years has been Fifty Foot Combo's Evil A Go-Go. I was interested in re-releasing it on Double Crown Records, but was told by the band that the rights to the music were with the label that originally released it, and chances were that the disc (which quickly sold out) would probably never be reissued. I don't know anyone that has it - bizarrely, the band doesn't even have it! You'd almost think that it never even existed! However, thanks to someone on the Surf Guitar 101 forum, it is now available for free download. I don't usually encourage downloading modern recordings like this, but given the current status of this release I don't think the band will have a huge beef with this finally being available (if they do, I'm more than happy to delete this link). Anyway, click here and enjoy!


Charlie C. said...

Great stuff!
Fifty Foot combo played their last monstrophonic concert last saturday..
also Dick Dale & FFC @ 10th Belgian Roots night:

dugost said...


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