Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Advertising Links On This Page

You'll notice some advertising links along the right side of the page. These have been carefully chosen by me and are companies that I support and send vast sums of money to. Netflix is a great service that, for a low monthly fee, allows you to rent DVD's by mail with no late fees. I've been with them a couple of years and their service is awesome. Recent flicks I've seen include Rock! Rock! Rock!, High School Confidential, Curb Your Enthusiasm, and many others. They have just about every movie ever made, so there's plenty to choose from. Itunes is another favorite. I use my Ipod every day, and although I don't buy much from Itunes, it is an easy-to-use service with good selection. We have a few Double Crown releases there, so if you need a quick surf-rock fix check it out (the albums up there are by The Kilaueas, Dr. Frankenstein and The Madeira, with more to come soon). CCMusic.com (aka Collector's Choice Music) is my favorite CD store, even better than Amazon, with a great selection of surf, garage, rockabilly, early rock n' roll and vocal/Rat Pack/lounge/easy listening. Plus tons of hard to find imports.

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