Saturday, August 02, 2008

Coming This Month - 2 New Releases From Double Crown!

We've got two great new releases out now - Frankie & The Poolboys' debut self-titled release and 2nd CD by The Surfites, Escapades In Space. These retail for $12.75 each and are available through the Double Crown website. You can also sign up for the Double Crown Music Club - you'll get 4 consecutive releases, starting with the new Surfites CD, for just $35 US (Canada/World are a little more). Find out more info by clicking here - it's like getting 4 CD's for the price of 3!).


Anonymous said...

Looking forward to the new Surfites disc (luv 'em) but are Frankie & The Pool Boys surf?

Double Crown Records / The Continental Magazine said...

Yes, Frankie & The Poolboys are a studio band featuring members of Pollo Del Mar, The Madeira, plus Dusty Watson and a whole bunch of guest artists - it's all 100% surf/instro!

Anonymous said...

Wow!! A surf supergroup - SWEET!!

Anonymous said...

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