Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Save Our Sonics

I was a big basketball fan as a kid, right around the time of the Seattle Supersonics only NBA championship and a few years after that. Over the years my interests shifted, mainly music, but also soccer and skiing. However, as my kids get bigger, and develop an interest in sports, I've gotten back into basketball and soccer. Unfortunately, with basketball, we have an ugly situation here in the Northwest with the Seattle Supersonics possibly moving to Oklahoma City after 41 years in Seattle. We have been to a few games, and my kids and I even joined a group called "Save Our Sonics", where we joined a group of about 120 fans where we held up signs and chanted throughout the game. Things are starting to look up though - there have been recent developments which may keep the team in Seattle after it looked like all hope was lost. I can't say I'm still a huge basketball fan, however, having a team in Seattle is something I support as a father. If my kids develop an interest in sports and physical activity, with video games and watching TV so popular, then having as many sports teams in Seattle as possible is only a good thing.

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