Friday, April 13, 2007

The Surfites - Big Pounder CD

The Surfites are a gang of landlocked gremmies playing instrumental surf music in the old school style. They formed in 2003 by the two Fjellgren brothers of now defunct Swedish surf band The Daytonas. They're mainly a studio group with buddies Folke Bergkvist (bass), Henry Karlsson (piano/organ) and Gunnar Lindholm (drums) dropping by for the recording sessions. Phil Dirt/Reverb Central says "Vintage surf with a real sense of the period, but all original songs". Order now and get a free bonus track, "Drag-U-La Beat".

Tracks: Bump Day - Spinning Boards - Tail Slide - Cleopatra - Surf Encounter - Tortuga - Thou Shalt Drag - Surfville - Dana Point - Jack-The-Bear - Ding In My Board - Tube Steak - Fleabag - Pioneer Trail Surf - Big Pounder - Single Seater.

The Surfites - Big Pounder CD - #DCCD26 - $12.75

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Here's what a few people have said about the Surfites:

"I got it a couple of days ago, and enjoyed it in the few times I have listened to it. I like the packaging and the sound is great. When Klas said that they recorded straight from preamp to the recording medium, I remembered that we did some scratch tracks with DIs in my old band, and they sounded very good. Also, I agree that tape gives something, but the machines and the tape is expensive, and today there are good digital options. This CD certainly proves that you can get a very authentic sound using "modern" methods. Good job on that.
The songs I like the most so far are the ones that were on the myspace page and the website (Surfville, Tube Steak that changed to "For Surfers Only", Fleabag, etc), but I think that's becasue I have listened to them many times before. Time will tell. Anyway - for anyone that haven't heard any samples yet, they style is very trad, some of the songs can be thought of as The Astronauts "Movin'" meets electric piano. There are some other styles, with some songs being more melodic than others, some are mid tempo, some faster. IIRC, no slow songs, adds to the fun factor.
Be aware that the drums are low in the mix, in accordance to the 1st wave recordings. Works perfectly for this album. The electric piano adds a lot, it has a mellow sound that's really different than the Farfisa/Hammond organs that's popular in Garage/Surf combos.
I'd defintely reccomend the album. " - Ran from The Sand Devils / The Astroglides

"Oh yes I recieved my copy today Monday April 9th, and man the lead guitar in every song is insanely drippy now that's what I'm talking about hell yeah! the drip reminds me of Frank Blandino's drippy guitar so if your a fan of The Fathoms hell you'll dig this disc! " - Kyle from The Verbtones"

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