Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Important Announcement Regarding Double Crown On The Rocks Podcast

First of all, thanks to everyone that has downloaded and sent in comments about the Double Crown On The Rocks podcast. It's been a lot fun putting each show together. However, I'm running into a slight problem with my current online storage space. To increase space I will need to pay more each month, and while I have received a few donations for the podcast, it's not nearly enough to pay for added space. So at this point, I will need to either reduce the number of shows available at any given time from 3 shows to 2 shows, I will need to reduce the length of each show to about 20 minutes, or I will need to reduce the sound quality of each show.

It really wouldn't take much to add more storage space - $10 or so each month would pay for another 100-200 megs of space, which is enough for 4-8 shows at the current sound quality. Since I do the show on a Mac, I could also open a .Mac account and store the show there - that option is $99/year for 1 gig of space.

At the moment about 100 people are downloading each show, so if each person donated $1 I could open a .Mac account and store every show (up to about 30-40 of them). I could also potentially make the show longer, perhaps 30-40 minutes/show. Without donations, I will stick to the current format, but will have to reduce the number of shows I have online to about 2 shows at any given time.

If you like the show please make a Paypal donation for any amount by clicking the button below.

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