Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Pollo Del Mar - Year Of The Rooster Review

From the upcoming issue of The Continental Magazine:

Pollo Del Mar – Year Of The Rooster (Self-Released) * * * * ½

To celebrate the “Year of the Rooster” (Pollo is “chicken” in Spanish), Pollo Del Mar has put together a limited edition CD featuring a whole bunch of live and radio session recordings done over the last 12-14 months. There are songs recorded in California, Japan and Belgium. On this disc you’ll find songs from their studio releases, as well as a few one-off songs and covers such as “The Cruel Seaa”, “The Bells Of St. Kahuna” and “Jack The Ripper”. My favorite is probably “The Wild, Wild West Medley, which takes a whole bunch of songs like “Apache”, “Ghost Riders”, “Good, Bad & Ugly” and mashes ‘em all together. I’m not usually a fan of long songs, or medleys, but this was done very well and had me compelled from start to finish. The sound quality is excellent throughout – even though a couple of the tracks are “ambient audience” recordings, the sound is still very good. It’s even got three videos on it – talk about value for yer money! If you are a fan of the band you will definitely want to act quick and get this before it’s too late. (www.pollodelmar.com)


PolloDelMar said...

March 10,2006
Thanks for the review Sean!- To all those who have written me about "Year of the Rooster" availability- It should be at the various online surf shops within a week or so, or you can get it from the Pollo site now.
Pollo Del Mar

PolloDelMar said...

Oh yeah, it's also available at Streetlight Records in San Jose-
980 South Bascom Avenue
San Jose, CA 95128