Friday, January 20, 2006

New Focus For This Blog

Okay, I haven't updated this in a while. Sorry about that, but honestly, what I was doing before really didn't catch on and only a few hundred people read it. Plus, it didn't really fit in with the whole Double Crown/Continental vibe. So here's my new idea - I'm going to use this to post surf / instro / rock n' roll news as I hear it. This news often comes from the Cowabunga / Reverborama / Surf Guitar 101 lists, so if you are a member of these groups some of the news I post here will be redundant. However, I often get e-mails and letters from bands updating me on gigs, new releases, etc. So I'll also include that stuff here.

Also, there are quite a few websites that post old, vinyl LP downloads as MP3's. I don't support the download of music for free which is on CD and is available for purchase. However, when it comes to old, dusty vinyl that'll never be reissued, I really don't have any problem with folks posting it online to share with the world. So I'll post links to websites offering new items for download. If I post something that is available for purchase somewhere, please let me know and I will delete the link.

I may find other uses for this space. Hopefully I'll be able to update it on a daily basis, so check back often!

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