Friday, December 03, 2004

Possibly The Best Christmas Album Ever!

Christmas albums just don't get much better than this! You can download side one of this great LP here. This album was the inspiration for the cover art for our Seasonal Favorites, Volume One CD which came out a few years ago (sadly, it's out of print now, but we will probably make more next year).

Netflix This Week:

No time to watch movies this week - I had to watch the Newcastle vs. Everton match over 3 days, about 1/2 hour each day. Newcastle face Chelsea this weekend, although I don't think I'll be watching it live at 4:30 am, especially since I'm driving down to Seattle to see the Ocean Blue play tonight. I've got to find time also to watch a few Rankin/Bass specials with my boys and Christmas Vacation and Christmas Story with my wife.

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